Up Close

Distribution NetworkFounded in 1923, the Franklin Square Water District currently has over 5,200 connections and serves over 20,000 residents. Our five operating wells pump water from aquifers beneath the surface of Long Island. All are drilled to the depth of 500 feet into the Magothy aquifer, an underground area of porous rock and sand that stores water. The five wells have a combined capacity of nearly 9.8 million gallons per day, and the average daily pumpage is 2.1 million gallons. The total amount of water withdrawn from the aquifer during 2014 was 747.6 million gallons with peak day pumpage of nearly 4 million gallons.

This is channeled into a 42-mile distribution network of water main and over 400 fire hydrants. Connected to our distribution system are two 500,000 gallon elevated storage tanks, which maintain constant pressure on the system.

The District treats the water from two wells with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filters for the removal of VOC contaminants. Also, the District recently installed an Air Stripping plant to treat the water from two other wells for the removal of VOC contaminants.

Distribution Network