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Public Notice – Public Drinking Water Supply Safe to Drink

Franklin Square Water District’s Board of Commissioners wishes to reassure its consumers that there is no known risk to our public water supply that could result from Coronavirus (COVID-19). The ongoing oversight, treatment and supervised operation of our overall water supply system, coupled with its inherent design, ensures that the community’s public water is safe from bacteria and viral contamination, stated District Chairman Salvatore Intagliata. The underground drinking water wells are constructed and maintained in a manner to prevent foreign substance intrusion. Among other features, the depth of the water supply wells averages 480 feet below grade, there are no open reservoirs, and sufficient positive pressure is consistently maintained in the distribution and transmission system.

Additional layers of protection include disinfection; regular bacterial sampling; continuous chlorine and pH monitoring; cross connection control and leak detection. Both the District and the Nassau County Department of Health conduct regular testing to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality water and the District’s regulatory compliance with all Agency requirements.

The Water District’s staff of licensed professionals are cross-trained and capable of completing all the tasks necessary to keep the water supply system treated and running without interruption. Health measures and safety precautions are in place for our employees and necessary treatment supplies and spare equipment are well stockpiled. For extraordinary events, the District also maintains mutual aid agreements with public water purveyors throughout New York State.

The Franklin Square Water District’s pumping system is fully integrated to a modern computer controlled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that allows the water operators full remote accessibility. Sophisticated alert and alarm controls; real-time visualization and monitoring; and controlled treatment capabilities are just some of the features.

At this time, the District office is closed to public access as well as walk-in payments. If you wish to make a payment on your account, you may do so on this website by clicking on ‘pay bill’ or you can set Franklin Square Water District up as a vendor through your bank and we will receive your payment electronically. If you have any questions regarding billing or payments, please call the office at 516-354-0780.

Please keep informed about the Coronavirus by visiting the CDC’s dedicated COVID-19 website at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/ or the Nassau County Department of Health website at www.nassaucountyny.gov.

The Board of Water Commissioners reassures the community that the water is safe to use.